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Turbo Normalizer
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STC Approval

Turbo Kit business is for sale.

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Turbo-Normalizing Kits
for Mooneys & Home Builts

Get 189 Knots from your E, F or J Mooney?  Yes You Can!

Our Turbo Normalizers are currently focused on Mooney Aircraft Models E, F & J because of the new, more difficult certification requirements.  As the opportunity occurs, these will be expanded to other Mooney Models and migrated to other makes of aircraft. Our STC's are structured with this migration in our planning. They are available, now, to the Experimental market. *Performance may vary.

System Description

The M-20 Turbo Kit consists of 8 sub-systems:
  • Turbo-charger,
  • Turbo-lubrication system,
  • Exhaust System,
  • Induction Air System,
  • Alternate Air System,
  • Altitude Compensated Injected Fuel System,
  • Inter-Cooler System,
  • After-Cooler System with complete hardware and Installation Instructions.

Turbo-boosted systems run destructively hot and are extremely expensive to maintain.  An M-20 turbo-normalized system runs cool and virtually maintenance free.

  Key Benefits
  Quick Climb
  High Flight
  Lower Fuel Burn
  Virtually No Added Maintenance

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